Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Pop-In

I had a thought about a year ago that I want another (or two) pop-in friend. I have one, Sam. And she's a good one, though I don't see her much. And she never knocks. Just comes in. And she loves me even if my house is in a disastrous state.
I love all of that.

I want more of it.

I love what it means to me.

You love me no matter what, and I'm coming over when I want to.
I love you and wanted to see you, and if you're embarrassed about the state of your house then get over it.
Where's the rag so I can clean this spot off your cupboard?

But it's even more than that.

It implies I always feel welcome.
It implies You are always welcome.
It implies I trust you.
It implies I know you.
It implies I always love you.
It implies I never judge you.
And, beautifully, I know I am never judged by you.

There is something to Just Being Yourself.
Not only because as far as I'm concerned, Who the hell wants to pretend to be something they're not?
But that when you are yourself freely, not to impress or annoy anyone, just Being, then it's certainly a quicker way to form friendships, isn't it?
I mean, if you don't put yourself out there, then how can you be accepted for Who You Are?
Rejection comes sooner too, certainly, but isn't that a benefit, also? Better in the beginning than when you begin to trust someone.

Maybe it's just me.
Maybe others find greater satisfaction in steady, polite, acquaintanceships.
But not me.
I want it all.

I want The Real Thing.


Aubrey said...

is it too dull of me to simply say, me too?

love you.

Stephanie S. said...

love you too.

Anonymous said...

me three.

sarah said...

Hi Stephanie, I came here via another friend's blog. Glad to have found you again (remember me? From Little Coop?). This is a beautiful post!

Stephanie S. said...

Vermont / Empire Muffins Sarah???

(not a rhetorical question.)