Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last night we had our very first meeting.
Not the official, "Welcome to SpiralScouts!" meeting, but the "let's do this" meeting.

We (the two other founding Leaders and I) discussed not much on the why, but many things on the where, the how, then when, and the what.

I'm very happy to be a part of it!

I love that it's for boys and girls, learning together.
I love that it's international, with no emphasis being on one country or people being Better than another.
I love that the focus is on the Earth, its habitants, and the individual and collective Growing Spirit.
I love that the initial idea was formed from Pagan beliefs, but that the organization welcomes all folks - religious, and not, and the tone of the Circle (the small local group) is set according to the beliefs and desires of its founding families.

I'm also very excited to be a scout leader!
To plan fieldtrips and bake sales and car washes, to come up with ideas for volunteer work, and to feel the spirit of the Circle develop and grow.

It will be a few weeks yet before we're official, but we're on our way.


Julie said...

I'm excited as well! I love that our whole family gets to be involved:)

Anonymous said...

i just checked out the website. wow! it looks wonderful. right now we can't focus on anything other than moving to Oz, but after we get there and get settled, i'm definitely looking into this.