Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Mother Nature...

Hello, Dearest Mama!
I wanted to let You know that I so appreciate Your holding off Autumn In The Valley until I got the camera situation straightened out.
You were quite right that there was no way that my birthday (and the 40th even!) would arrive without a bit of self indulgence. It never does.
But now, as You can see, I'm quite ready, and really Mother, we have waited long enough.
You've given us frozen gardens, You've given us the autumnal breezes, offered us the brilliant deep blue skies, and You've sent us the much shorter days. Now, Dearest Mother, please send us the Glory.
Oh, and Mother, I did notice that strange (let's not call it gray) hair you gifted me with yesterday. Was that some sort of funny joke?
Why on earth would You send such a thing to a girl just a few days before her 40th Birthday?!
I'm trying not to feel betrayed, Mother, I really am. I keep thinking that maybe you sent Sister Moon to me to gift me with a bit of silver....

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