Sunday, October 19, 2008



kath001 said...

Another post to LOVE! I want to steal it, copy it, claim it! I love handwriting! Missing seeing it is the one thing regretful about e-mail. And I especially love spiral notebooks and notepads! Weird I know...but I'm a paper and office supply junkie.

I like YOUR handwriting. It reads very fun and friendly and seems to say that when tasks come your way, you handle them skillfully.

I've been looking (sometimes actively, sometimes subconsciously) for a handwritten note that has been misplaced for quite some time. It's very important to me, so I'm sure I put it in a VERY safe place. :) Your post renews my resolve to find it NOW.


Stephanie S. said...

I can't claim the idea for my own! My friend Aubrey (my good and close friend - that I see at least once a week) mentioned to me yesterday, "I don't even know what your hand-writing looks like!"
And I thought, yup.
We can get a feel from writing, can't we?
So I offered up mine.
[grin] For judging.

Mama Podkayne said...

Are you left handed? That was my thought when I saw the image.

Stephanie S. said...

Funny enough, I figured someone would ask if I'm a lefty. It's probably because of my slant (vertical, not leaning to the right.)
I'm right-handed.
I find it very interesting that vertical (straight up and down) people are supposed to be suppressive of their emotions - though diplomatic. I fancy myself diplomatic, but I also think I'm an extremely emotional creature.
My handwriting book says "It's the slant associated with diplomacy in that you neither express nor repress your feelings..."
Ha! I say.
Though it's true I try to tamp them down, I'm never able to.....

Mama Podkayne said...


I have several different handwriting depending on teh day and situation. Sometimes verticle and sometimes elegantly sloped. NEVER bubbled.

Aubrey said...

thanks for that.
it makes me smile.