Tuesday, October 28, 2008

inspired at home

while i've been inspired by several different things lately (and I really will post about them soon!), things in my home have captured my attention as well.

such as open doorways. which is quite a treat at the end of October around these parts.

sunlight streaming in.

a potion. after purchasing a new burner specifically for the den (and it looks lovely in there) and since we spend so much of our time in that part of the house right now - out on the patio creating, in the den watching the tellie, coloring and painting, on the computers, building - on and on it goes... i thought that i needed a "den" potion.
i have a potion of oils for just about every occasion, including a few different "happy home" blends.
but for the den, i wanted something special. specifically for our activities there.
there's clary sage for creativity, cedar, geranium, and lavender for harmony and balance, bergamot for joy, and lavender for love.
delicious, i tell you.

this.i've planned to put up plaids (vertical and horizontal stripes) in my son's room for quite some time. not on the entire walls, but about half-way up. i'll leave this bead-board wall plain, however. here are the colors that i have already, and see how gorgeous they'll be with his decor.
inspiring, indeed!

a clean room.plenty of room for inspiration-- book reading and tea parties and kitchen and other imaginary play.
a clean house.
with the sunlight streaming in.

there's much love at home.

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