Tuesday, November 25, 2008

15 days: burlap

So I had been thinking "burlap" for the pirate blocks bag.
With a cotton lining to help hold it stable?

Then yesterday I visited this fabulousness. I almost cried (over the pears and birds).
Needless to say I decided right then and there that burlap was definitely The Thing.

After a trip to the fabric shop for said medium - where I also purchased a brand new pair of Fiskars thankyouverymuch - I raced home and settled in for a long day with the sewing maching.

The burlap looks beautiful with the map print for the pirate bag.

Next I knew that I had to have a bag. Burlap and linen.
I already even knew it's Function.
When we went to the nature park with friends the other day, I carried around the Adventure Pack (our giant backpack that we drag to the park, friends' house, etc). Because we always take the Adventure Pack. It has pencils, and paper, first aid kit, colored pencils, scissors, magnifying glasses, etc.

But I didn't need it that day for a few-minute Wander. And I didn't particularly want to carry it -it can be awkward during photos- but I did. Because I wanted the scissors.
Aaaah. Thank goodness for such small little magical moments.
Because now I have this.
A doubled linen lining. With an extra thick pocket for scissors. With a little v shape to keep them just so. Behind the scissors is a pocket for pencils. And there is a little one for my camera batteries. And another one just right for keys. And another large one just right for a medium sized notebook.
The main section will fit my laptop. Or a set of colored pencils and a sketch pad. Or a beautiful "how to" watercolor book.

It has an extra long strap that of course fits me perfectly. Over one shoulder, so the bag rests low on my hip (or in the back).Perfect for Steps From Home. Perfect for short walks in the neighborhood. Perfect for nature trails.

Trevelyn has one of his own. He was interested. For keeping leaves. Beautiful found stones. Treasures. And a magnifying glass.

I'm so in love with my Goodliness that is burlap, linen, and buttons.


Stephanie Ozenne said...

Wow! You are a creating machine. :) Since I last commented, I've made... uh, one thing. It's a folder-thingy for Grandma inspired by these. But of course, I changed it a bunch. A present for Grandma-in-law. I did, however, get some ribbon (the only thing I needed before making a reading pillow for Emmett). And Emmett and I are talking about making a magnetic fishing game for Luke for Christmas. More plans than time for execution, I fear. But at least one thing is done!

carri said...

Great bag!! I'm getting the itch to make myself a new bag too. So many other projects to get to first though.

Anonymous said...

nice! nice! & NICE! fabulous bags. and just for the record...burlap ROKX!

Blogging Molly said...

very cute bags! your burlap looks so soft. beautiful!