Tuesday, November 25, 2008

bags and bags

One for Baby
one for our little Friend
one for Trevelyn
and one for Mama.


Julie said...

Love all your bags!

I was going to ask you the other day, but when are you going to open up an Etsy shop?

Just getting familiar with my "new" sewing machine:) Have mended a lovely bag of mine that I love and have missed, mended one of Damek's shirts, mended Kyan's baby who had a unexpected playdate with Echo this summer, and mended a denim jacket of mine. Not perfect mind you, but good practice. Now Kyan wants a pirate outfit for his baby:) We made him a pirate hat last night and a sash, but he needs shorts and a shirt. I tried the pants last night (totally winging it mind you), and they were too small for his legs:) I just checked out a sewing book form the library, wish me luck:)

Stephanie S. said...

Good! You can teach me how to sew!