Monday, November 24, 2008

Hand Made

Here's the tally so far.
Isn't this exciting? :)
(If you're here visiting for ideas, you may want to see the Sharing the Holidays posts.)

Botanical ornaments. They may go in a pretty glass jar for my sister, or they may go in a bowl. Either way, there will probably be pinecones and silk ornaments with it. The pinecones we will gather ourselves, of course!

A button ornament for me. I buy a pretty ornament every year, this year I've made it. (lace on a styrofoam ball, covered with buttons. very simple.)

You remember the star ornament from a week or so ago? This is the second one I've made - there will be more.

The hiker's plant press. More are coming.

Beads.Love these.

Last night's project - an art apron for Madeleine. It's canvas with calico trimmings. Very excited about this!

This morning's project was a table cloth for Maddie's little table in her room. I've made pretty linens (table cloth and napkins) for her tea parties.


kath001 said...

Oh, you talented and energetic girl! It all looks so lovely and FUN. I've been meaning to try the star ornaments for ages. I am turning off my computer right this minute to go create somethi...

denise said...

I'm playing catch up after a week of sick boy(s). Wow - you have been busy! That all looks so great. I'm behind now, but will be in for most of the next week and can get much done, I hope!

Now I'm off to read back a few days and catch up with all of your posts!

peggy said...

Your creations are so lovely! I love them all, and I admire the intention and care put into them.

Life With Us said...

OOh Those are awesome. We will have to give some a try except for the sewing I can't sew a stitch!

Stephanie S. said...

D -
I can't sew, either. Which is why all this is especially remarkable - that I would be so brave!! :)