Saturday, November 15, 2008

holiday crafting

Today I got started on my crafting for the Solstice/Christmas Season.
Outside we use lots of traditional garlands and bright red velvet ribbons, but inside I like things to flow with the rooms - gold, sage, pinks and burgandy in the livingroom, sparkly white snowflakes in the kitchen, and a more rustic and woodsy sage and burgandy in the den.

I love getting things ready for the holidays! But if I wait too long, then I just get discouraged -- there's so much to do!

So this year, today!, I have begun.
Mostly in honor of the sharing that I look forward to.

I came up with this idea a few years ago. It's one of my favorites. I love things pretty, but I also like to honor Mother Earth's gifts.
What better way than with silk ribbons, candlelight, and tiny pinecones? This would also be beautiful with an Autumn colored ribbon with dangling acorns.

We're doing votive candle holders for gifts this year.
This one is a variation of the ones we'll make for others - pretty tissue paper from the holidays last year that I used (decoupaged) on a small glass bowl. I trimmed the top with rosehips from our gardens.
I started the hiker's plant presses that we're giving to the children in our family that hopefully will enjoy them on nature walks or camping trips.

And the children and I started a project, but we won't be able to finish it until tomorrow, so we'll share with you then! (I'm pretty excited about this one. I hope it turns out the way I envision.)

Here's another creation of the day.This one I've been meaning to do for years. I've even had the sticks cut and dried for ages.
It's just a star pattern with sheet moss in the center, dressed with different dried flowers and leaves. And it smells good! This would be beautiful and more special with dried flowers from the gardens. Here I've used mostly pretty potpourri.

And lastly, this. I just read about this idea today in one of my books.It said to put craft glue all over a 3" styrofoam ball, then roll it in potpourri.
Well - that didn't work. I tried a couple of times.
So I glued moss to it everywhere, then hot-glued different dried flowerheads and cones and pods to it, and finished it with ribbons coming up the sides. I think a few of these in different sizes and with different botanicals will be pretty in a bowl - with one or two silk ornaments in the bowl as well.
I'll let you know how that turns out.

Lots of lovelies today!


william said...

We also tried the styrofoam balls with glue but had a hard time. Found the newer SMOOTHFOAM balls instead and they work great with a glue gun and any Acrylic paint.
Found them here.

Good luck
Bill and Jane

william said...

Forgot to mention....see found Smoothfoam balls and shapes at this site.

Bill and Jane