Sunday, November 16, 2008

happiness in crafting

I've been at it this morning.
Evidently I'm consumed.

Since I get up before the sun (which means long before my Loves), and since all my happy chaos was still on the kitchen table.....

Here is a project that I hope the children will want to do for their grandmothers. I came across the idea yesterday, here. I loved it.
You just press a plant for a day or so until it's flat - but making sure it isn't for so long that it gets too dry and brittle. Then paint craft glue onto the glass votive holder, and press on your plant. Let it dry for a while, so it is sticking firmly, then glaze with glue again and put bits of torn tissue paper covering all of the glass.
I knew that I wanted to use plants in season, so I went to my mother's to snip some Holly from her gardens.
Here's mine.I think this idea might also be pretty with different colored tissue paper (sans botanicals), making it look like stained glass. Children might really enjoy doing that.

And my other accomplishment this morning - I'm so excited about this one.
I came up with this idea when I was doing impressions with leaves with my children a few weeks ago. I thought that pine would be beautiful placed in the plaster with red rosehips or Holly berries, and I was right (though I've used tiny pinecones here)! I'm so glad they turned out.
The children and I are doing this project today, so I'll post pics later of how we did it on olm.
I think they'll be beautiful in groupings of three or four, hanging next a doorway.
I am considering making such a thing for gifts, I think a set of some pressed herbs would be lovely hung in the kitchen.
This, too, would be beautiful for Thanksgiving, using autumn's colors and offerings.

That's all for now.
As I Really Must Clean.


Stephanie Ozenne said...

Steph - you are on a roll! All the crafty stuff you've been posting looks so great. I guess it's time to close the laptop and go make something...

I did make the turkey felt-board yesterday, and the kids seem to like it, even if Luke thinks the feathers should be on the floor...

EC said...

Wow, these are really beautiful and poetic in their simplicity. I think the boys and I may copy you and do this as gifts and decorations this year. I love the one with the tiny pine cones. Just precious!

piscesgrrl said...

I agree - these are so simply beautiful. Love them! And I just might have to steal the idea. Mind?