Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a few more down

I finished Gentry's blocks. One side has been stamped with an animal for a matching game. I used five different animals, obviously. I didn't have permanent stamp ink, so I colored the stamps with an industrial Sharpie. That allowed me to mod podge the picture after it had been stamped.

I've made the swords. I think I did them well - I used a hanger to make the handle and beginning of the blade firm (along with firmly packed stuffing), but the blade itself is soft and loose - I don't think it's firm enough to hurt at all. They're not particularly cute, but I believe they'll be well-used. :) And I made them with materials on hand.

I've finished Meagan's plant press.
Made the sticker pages for Madeleine - I've printed out different biomes, and she will have a great time putting animals and insects -and probably Dora and Strawberry Shortcake, too- on different pages. There's the savannah, arctic, the rain forest, temperate forest, local desert, and coral reef. They're covered with contact paper for extended use. They'll eventually go in her sticker notebook that I made for her last year.

and the marshmallow shooters are finished.(never mind his So Serious expression.)

The candies are done - peanut clusters, pralines, white chocolate covered pretzels- I'll make more fudge today, another batch of rice crispies, and hopefully (cross your fingers) a batch of Sugar Coolies. Iced with candy cane bits on top. Mmmmm. (never done that before - let's hope it's good.

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Sarah said...

Ha! I just saw this and thought of your Christmas gift project. Enjoy!