Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It's 14 degrees.
Though time is surely running out, I'm in need of slow and easy.
Into the Still.
Here's what I'd most like today (and I haven't yet given up on it because it's still quiet, I've caught up on blogging, and the babes are still asleep) -

Walking softly.
Softly in the kitchen. Steadily cleaning counters, mopping the floor, warm deliciousness coming from the oven -in the name of Sugar Cookies-, and watching a babe sipping tea while sitting next to the heat vent.

Putting the finishing touches on the snowman. You know - giving him his Magic.

Capturing lively shots of outside play.

Maybe playing with our new batch of modeling clay that I made yesterday. Perhaps making snowmen with it?

These are the dreams my heart dreams today.

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