Tuesday, December 23, 2008

two days

Let's see.
How's that list coming?

I finished up all the lotions and potions. :)!

I'm abandoning the second set of fairy wings for Right This Minute. We'll do that together later. I have the skirt done. She'll have some glorious things to spend the first few days in, she'll not miss them, I think.

I put the sticks on the Horseys, and little friend has been given hers.

The treats are done.
There are chocolate balls, chocolate cashew clusters, cream cheese peppermints, fudge, rice crispy treats, sugar cookies, pralines, and... that's it, I think.

The volcano and pond I think we'll do together in a few days (after the holidays). And the fort blocks.

Need to figure out how I'm presenting my sister with her botanical ornaments.

Need to make a few things for Grandma and Grammy. (sans sewing - I jammed the pointed end of a damned needle under my fingernail yesterday - iiieeeee! and my finger is mighty sore. I was trying to put the stray needle into the side of the thread. whoof. )

That's it!

We're at liberty to clean and create today.
How divine!


Sarah said...

I love your new profile pic. So sorry about your finger. Owie. :(

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Sarah! (for both) :)