Saturday, May 02, 2009


raindrops and puddles

seeing my daughter riding horsey on her daddy's back around the house, hollering "red light... green light!"

sodden dandelions
discovering my almost forgotten bleeding heart

raindrops on clover

a blossoming vine

rich, wet earth

tiny tiny tiny leaves of lichen

hearing and seeing my three loves raise a wild ruckus in the backyard

lilacs, still.
and then even more rain
seeing Little Son be thrilled that he earned the SuperGem

seeing the Monet-like view of lilacs out the dripping kitchen window
making chocolate pudding while singing "raindrops on windows and whiskers on kittens...."

settling into a soft seat to watch and help Trev spend his day reading and playing games.



Mon said...

Lovely thoughts, and beautiful pics. Love the dandelion one.

Carin said...

Great smiles. Love the dandelion pic. Lots of horsey going on here too :)