Saturday, April 21, 2007

Perspective - It's all how ya look at it.

I just remembered something important...
Remember when I said there was another commercial that I couldn't remember that I loved from PBS?

It was a Dad coming up to the door at the baby-sitters to pick up his children.
Getting near the door he hears whooping and hollering, shouting, and in general noisy chaos.
He mutters to himself something about this baby-sitter being "highly recommended" and "it's the last time I leave them here", and inside finds the Woman with a patch on her eye, in a pirate shirt, holding a sword in one hand and the book Peter Pan in the other.
The children were, of course, actively acting out the book while she narrates the story in a happy shout.
The point?
"It's all how ya look at it."

I remembered because 2 minutes ago I went into my livingroom to find my son whooping and hollering in that same sort of way.

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