Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's just eMOtion - that's taking me o-vuh

Tied up in sorrow, lost in the sno-o-ow.
Oh... upon further investigation {grin}, turns out I've been wrong All These Years, and it's my soul, not the snow. Well then. Even better!
Only no one is leaving me.
I don't think.
Probably some (er, lots) of you don't know The Bee Gees.

Sometimes I'd like to add music to my blog.
But I mostly hook up on dial-up, and so I get one or two notes or syllables at a time, and it is extremely annoying, and I am certain it ruins whatever mood the writer/blogger is intending,
so I don't. (put in music - in case I lost you.)

Emotions - taking me over.
Yup. That's what happens.
I've written on this a few times.

There is the Blame phase.
I suck. I'm not cut out for motherhood. Or marriagehood. Or society. hood.
I'm unstable. I have no self control. What the hell is wrong with me?.

There is the Why phase. (Too painful to delve deeply into that one, though ddddh assures me that I am emphatically not insane. Too forthcoming, he says, but not insane. Bless him.)

There's the This Is Just Who I Am phase. Don't know why. Just is. Can curb it. Can choose to not 'splode. Can't change who you are.

Then there's the Thankful phase.
With the bad comes the good, and I'd rather be an emotional creature than an unemotional creature. I'd rather be volatile than staid. Happy than bored. Exuberant than unaffected. Interested in life and happiness and joy and magic and love and growth and emotion than....


There you have it.
Now you're (and I am) up to speed.

For right this minute, It Is What It Is, and I am doing alright, and have a couchful of loves awaiting me in the next room.

See you tomorrow.
(Pained laugh) Feel free to discuss this (craziness) amongst yourselves.


Stephanie said...

One thing:
when I said "too painful to go into that", I wasn't alluding to some dark thing in my past, I was only saying that it's painful to say "i'm crazy and I don't know why".
I've managed to elude debilitating trauma in my life.
Thank God.

whimsigal said...

I have to share something with you and you don't have to publish this if you don't want to because it's sort of off topic. Do you watch Saturday Night Live? If so, have you ever seen Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake do the Bee Gees skit? If not, you must go to You Tube and check it out. Anyway, their theme song goes, "livin' it up- on the barry gibb talk show-ho, we're talkin' bout chest, crazy cool medallions" and goes on. Well, I thought Jimmy Fallon completely made that song up because my boy is quite talented in that regard. You can imagine my surprise when, in February, Sean and I were in the car listening to some station and a version of that song, with different words off course, comes on the radio. My head whipped around and I looked at Sean and said,"I thought Jimmy Fallon made up the theme song!" He couldn't believe I had never heard it before and it made the skit even funnier for him knowing that I'm sort of a ditz when it comes to things like that. My words, not his! He shouldn't have been surprised though. I am the same girl who thought Sheriff Roscoe's name on THe Dukes of Hazzard was Roscoe Peco Train...and I didn't learn differently until I was 23.

Just my little funny for the day. Hope that made you smile!