Thursday, September 27, 2007


Good Morning Moon
Good Morning to you, too, Mr. Sun.
And Good Morning to me.

This morning I had an hour before the first babe woke up.
(Did I mention yesterday in my rather dismal post that my children have been getting up about five minutes after I do? And that we go to bed at the same time? For about four or five days, now.)

I put it to use.
While sitting at the kitchen table I noticed the full moon shining on me.
So I went out to say good morning. (And to maybe beg a little of her power.)
While I was doing that, I was thinking of how best to spend my time, however much I was given.
Renewal. Rejuvenation.
Which meant first, shower.
A dousing of purification oil couldn't hurt.
Which I was out of, so I got to enjoy a few minutes of machinations.
Mmmmm. Always love that. Something so fine to me about mixing oils together.
I dashed into the shower (aaaaaaaah).
Downstairs for that dousing that I mentioned.
The sun must be starting to rise by now.... outside to greet him.
Okay, almost finished.... all that is needed is a talisman... something to carry with me today to remind me of my intentions....

Just as I finished that up I hear little feet walking overhead.....

"Good Morning, Baby."

"I'n hun-gree."

"You are, hmm? Scrambled eggs?"


Melissia said...

Yur morning reminds me of an Emerson quote- one I can only paraphrase but something to the effect of you can tell the mark of a man by his ability to affect the day. I started looking around the house and at me in my free moments an d thinking "How might I affect the quality of this day positively?" and then doing whatever came to mind whether it be laundry, dishes, whatever. It has made a huge difference in my life.

whimsigal said...

Stephanie, I can totally identify with your feelings lately. Our kids go to bed when we go to bed and usually are the ones to wake me up in the AM. The past few days though I've gone ahead and gotten up early just to have that bit of time to myself. It is important to have that time to gather yourself and get ready for the day.

Sounds like you have perfected the way to greet the day with good intentions. All the pictures you took were great illustrations of the story you were telling.

You have such a great talent for expressing yourself!

Stephanie said...

Melissia and Evie-
I'm not ignoring you, I've just been thinking alot about what you've said.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, both of you.