Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Done!: Addendum

Dang! I knew I should have been more clear.
See, while I did clean my bedroom today, (prim sniff) and Do It Well (finishing at like seven something PM), the rest of the house sort of Went To Pot in my absence and inattentiveness.
So you see, it's all Been Done, but much of it needs to be Done Again.

But, fear not!, Friends.
I have Great Expectations for the morrow!
Aside from the carpets all being shampooed, I'll need another day or two for that.....

Since we'll all be in my bedroom when I awake before the sun, I am thinking that I shall have most of my cleaning/dusting/vacuuming/good mojo juice permeating throughout before my three babes even awake.

I am ever optimistic!


whimsigal said...

You're so good to be so optimistic. I get hacked that housework is never "Done". I feel like it should just magically stay clean once I've done it. Could be that I'm so bad at it that I want to cry every time it get messy. LOL

I'm so impressed and inspired by your stick-to-it-ness!



Stephanie said...

Absolutely it should stay clean.
I think that's part of my problem, (or The Challenge) is that I honestly believe that if I can just get it all done at the same time - drawers, closets, windows, dishes, under the couch, etc - that the curse will be broken, and it will Forever After be a piece of cake to maintain it!