Wednesday, October 10, 2007

It's Done!

My question earlier wasn't if it was possible to be extraordinarily loving in a clean house, but if it were possible to be extraordinarily loving whilst creating the clean house.
It is surely a simple thing to be free and loving while residing and basking in bliss!

Making it so is another story entirely.

Why did it take All Day Long just to clean a bedroom, you ask?
It began with about twelve loads of laundry that needed to be hung up downstairs.
Then, as time passed by, it became apparent that this was going to be no ordinary cleaning job, but a spring autumnal cleansing.
First, friends, was under my bed.
No big deal, you might say. One might assume as much.

First of all, my bed sits high, and is a king-sized four-poster. Maxwell and Rabbit (both no longer with us) both slept under that bed, and aside from the occasional vaccuum stretch under the bed, it has not been cleaned. Ever. (We bought this house 4 1/2 years ago.)
Until today, I am pleased to say.
Once that was done - and the various legos, books, socks, dried up this and that were disposed of or put in their rightful place, there was no turning back. I beg your admiration here, friends - I was under - all the way - that bed today. Seven feet over. Against the wall. Brushing the dust bunnies (is that a romantic word for cobwebs?) and pushing out God Knows What out and over and into the light.

After that, with a sigh (and a shake of the spiders out of my tangled hair), and much encouraged by Melissia - I tackled the rest.

All of it.
(Dang! I had to replace this lamp today with my one from the livingroom - my bedside table lamp spat fire at me today when I moved it! If I'm to read (I'm on page 42, Evie) as I soooo long to do, then I need illumination at my bedside! I'll be shopping for a new addition very shortly. Oh! My birthday is coming.... :) )

Windows scrubbed.
Curtains washed. All of them.
Dust ruffle washed and hung out on the line.

Clean sheets - even though they were just changed. (may as well do it right.)

All pictures polished. Including The Lady Of Shallot.

Cobwebs (yes, there were a few on the walls).
All pillow cases and blankets washed - even the ones that were residing on my dear Grandma's antique couch, already clean.
It's done, I tell you. Done.
From the literal top to bottom.
And it smells like flowers and roses.

And it's glowing a sort of sunset golden with a cast of pink.
Just the way I like it.
With clean skin and a fresh nightie, she sighs, and says
"G'night, Friends. Sweet Dreams."


Aubrey said...

good for you. a clean house is so sublime. my favorite is clean sheets...wiggling into them after a shower, everything clean, crisp, and wonderful. ahhhhh.

maybe that will motivate me to get some of my cleaning done....

Beverly said...

You wrote: "Why did it take All Day Long just to clean a bedroom, you ask?"
I can't imagine any mother asking that. We know why.

Lena said...

Okay okay- I'll clean my room!!