Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October 23

On this fine birthday morning - very dark, very early, and very cold, I have no idea what the day will entail.
I do know that my husband was so worried about his missing work keys that he forgot to wish me a happy birthday. :) (I forgot his, too.) Though he did wish me it last night. I didn't remind him, but let him go on his grumbling way!

The babes are asleep, the dishwasher is running, and I have started to clean Trevy's room (just a couple of toys and books around).
A very good beginning - mornings like this are just what one needs to remain open-minded enough to enjoy the day.

We'll see what the day holds!

Have a great one!


Aubrey said...


Happy, happy birthday to you!
Here's to making it exactly as you wish.



whimsigal said...

Happy Birthday, Friend!

Hope your day is everything you want and more!



Melissia said...

Hippo Birdy to Ewe!!


Stephanie Ozenne said...

Happy Birthday!!! :) Have a great day.

Rinnyboo said...

Happy, happy day, Stephanie! I hope your day was great.


piscesgrrl said...

Happy birthday dear one! Hope your day is filled with love and laughter and is super special, just like you!