Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Third Sunday

Can you call it a gift to yourself if it just happens?
Probably not, huh?

Today has been so wonderful.
So gentle, and so kind, and so peaceful, and so full of love, and so.... wondrous.
Just... easy.

I did get a tad frustrated - twice - once, when Annabelle ate Madeleine's toast for the third time, and then later when I decided to clean up Trev's room.
I walked in the room and my chest just started gurgling.
Trev - being the Beautiful Child that he is, said "Mom, I think my room should be off limits to you. It just makes you so frustrated, and then you're not joyful, and I like you joyful best. So we should just make you forget about it!"
Can I keep him?

So why have I felt so especially joyful, then, today?
I don't know.

I'm just so in love with my children, and so very comfortable being me today.

It's 7:59, Trev wants a story, I haven't had my supper, and I gotta come up with some sort of party for myself :).....

Too bad I don't have any of Julie's "there's a party in my hair" thingies. I'd take a bath with a few drops of oil, shave my legs, decorate my pretend-they're-not-tangled tresses, and call it good....

See you in the morning, if not late-late tonight....


Kim said...

Have you ever heard the poem "Children Learn What They Live" or something like that? This just reminded me of that because it is so true. Obviously Trev lives (with) understanding, compassion, empathy and charity. Otherwise, he would not have recognized or verbalized your feelings about cleaning his room. What a special little boy you are raising. Keep up the good work, Mama.

Stephanie Ozenne said...

I'm glad I don't have the only shameless-food-thieving dogs around! They'll nab food from a plate in your lap if you look away for an instant. You'd think by now Emmett would have figured out that he needs to eat what he wants and not wander away from the table, but our dogs get his (first) lunch almost half of the time. :)

Melissia said...

I totally know about messy kids rooms. I spent the better part of a week cleaning and organizing Arianna's. I have kind of taken it on as another child as weird as that may sound. I check in on it a couple times a day, see if there are things that I can put back (like thing that were dumped over but are not being played with). I just do not like how I feel overwhelmed when it has gotten so bad I have to go do something with it because she won't play in there anymore. Besty of luck to you on your mission. :)

Stephanie said...

You know what it's like? (Well, of course you do, but spare me a moment)
It's like being in charge of a gravel mountain, and you have to first climb up to the tippy-top, slipping and sliding down about a hundered fifty times first, then starting with the very top stone, drag it back down the mountain, and put it in its place regarding color, size, and mineral content
That's what its like for me.
Indeed, I should check on it twice daily, as most times its not even Trev's doing, But MaddieMine who dumps the little pea gravel everywhre.
Her room I do clean up about every day - though she doesn't nearly the accumulation that he has yet!