Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shouting Out (or) Whispering on the Wind

You get to decide.

Here's the thing - for a couple of months now I've been thinking that I want to give awards to blogs that I love and friends that I've met.
[grin] Really arrogant of me, I know - but there you have it.

There are a few folks that I read and keep up with that I don't have listed in my sidebars here and on OLM.
This one has lots more, but that's because this one encompasses more than unschoolers.
Anway - this is my award ceremony.
Well, not really, but I'd like to say "Thank You" and "You Inspire Me" to the following people...
(Most of these folks -er, women- I have discovered through comments and the Unschooler's Ring. I am forever grateful for both.)

Evie. (Of The Road Less Traveled) Aaaaw, Evie. I feel like we're waving from a distance, lately. Busybusybusy. I miss you terribly, and you mean so much to me. xxoo

M of Stuff About the Duffs. M always leaves thoughtful comments, and is so gracious, sweet, and considerate - we've managed to find similar things and thoughts and feelings while being mightily different at the same time. I truly appreciate your graciuosness, M.

Laura, Pisces Grrrl of Wistful Wanderlust - Laura is the Horizon - and what/whom I look to when folks say "sure you Unschool NOW, your children are babies...." Not so. It can and will be done into completion. Laura often shows me the way. Much love to you.

SA over at Child's Play - who alternatively inspires with her children's intellect and makes me howl - thanks so much for both! - Oh! And let's not forget that she and her children are World Travelers - and give me a peek into what's out there in the Wide Blue Yonder!

Marin of Eye Candy is a relatively new friend who is the Mama of a little boy who I'm gonna eat one of these days. Marin learns and stretches and looks inside herself and lets us know what she finds. I appreciate much her candor.

Sheri hails from My So-Called Homeschool, and reminds me of Universal Truths and Enlightenment, along with what Mamahood means, and I find much to appreciate in her writings.

MamaP of My Total Perspective Vortex often inspires and challenges me to look even deeper into an idea or thought - and will even go so far as explore or explode it with me. That means much to me. You and your vortex are appreciated.

Danette of Wild and Free - a new friend who is bravely testing the waters of unschooling - and managing to find solid footing. Danette reminds me that it's alright to travel however necessary my own path. I thank her for that.

Beverly of Homeschool Image. Who is always careful to pop in to say "Hey" every once-in-a-while, and who always impresses me with her comments on other's blogs. As well as with tales of her own of course!

Pichinde of The Napping House - formerly of Granola Among Frosted Flakes (both titles are great, don't you think?) - a brand new acquaintance who apparently likes OLM cause I'm tricky! Er - she said "has lots of great ideas". Me? Huh. Imagine that. Oh! And she also says (graciously) that my hundreds of grainy pictures (because I refuse to use the flash) don't bore her! :)!
Really - it's always pretty great to run across folks that you can relate to - which I have done here, with hers, I think, and I am thankful for her blog!

Kimba of Kimbalicious - Mostly 'cause she makes me scratch my head and ask "What?!?" It's imperative that I step out of my regular brain and try to catapult myself onto her planet from time to time. Just to challenge myself!!

Lena of The Morgan Follies - whom I met through my sister's blog - she is sweet enough to pop in every once-in-a-while to cheer me on, and to make my day. Thanks, Lena!! In her spare time she nourishes five children....

Madeline of Barn Raising who regularly shares tales of her two young Princes, as well as her significantly larger Belgium Gentelemen Farmer Prince who is her husband. Lots of interesting stories of their lives to be read on her blog.

T of Heartschooling thinks and feels much as I do - how could I not appreciate that???

Stephanie of Learning Through Living - [grin] She is the reason I've taken to signing off as Steph S.! It so happens that she visits the same places I do - but I'll forgive her for having my name as she visits my blog, too! :) Really - she and I are different in a number of ways, but I enjoy her grit and the insight into her perspective.

Now we come to my sister Kim of Chez Nous In Maine - who has always (ahem - except for lately!) been a great supporter and friend. I guess she's busy with those twelve children of hers. sheesh. Seein's how her dh is back in school again full time plus.... I love her and her funny stories. Even the wicked one that she told of my mom the other day and then erased.... :) heehee

Last but not least are The Mama's - my local support system.

There's Aubrey -who blogs at Band of Hooligans - who I love to tease mercilessly, and who has so much insight and wisdom and is a breath of fresh air.

Julie of Lerend Zonder School - who is all that is mildness and gentleness.

Melissia of Sweet Succulent Life - who has threatened to take down her blog! - I most sincerely hope that she does not - who so often speaks my own thoughts and feelings, and always understands what I'm trying to say.

Teri - the Fairy Queen Mother who is all freckles and sunshine and sweetness and the epitomy of Mamahood. Oh - she can be found at Joyful Liberation.

Stephanie O who writes a few snippets at Milestone Minutiae has always been a great CheerLeader - as I've told her more than once - and I appreciate her support and straight head!

I am a far better person to have these souls inspire me and share their stories and wisdom.

You all mean so much to me.
Blessed Be Friends.


KMDuff said...

Thanks for the fun list. :)

I'm still pondering the idea of the origins of religion in a post a month or so ago, I'd never thought about it in such a way, and its been fascinating to think about.

I really love how respectful you are of people's desires for privacy or name preference online. :)

Life With Us said...

Wow! Thank you! And thank you for all these new blogs to read in addition to yours!

piscesgrrl said...

Well... wow.. I mean ((blushing)), thanks... really.

That was so nice! And I am honored and flattered and humbled and a bit giddy, too. :)

And don't EVEN give me a whole new pile of blogs to read! Don't do it! My laundry pile can't take it! My children may starve! Cuz if you like 'em, I'll like 'em. Shoot.

Big, squishy, unschooling hugs to you!

Laura (smiling a whole lot right now)

Aubrey said...

You do like to tease me mercilessly, what's up with that?

I propose a convention for all of us to meet up at a fabulous beach locale and get drinks brought to us by cute cabana boys.

Thanks for the shout out, and the whole treasure chest of blogs to read. Your a gem.


Rinnyboo said...

Awww...thanks for this awesome list! I was out of town and I just found it today.

I agree with Audrey that we should all try to meet someday! Hey, I have family near you so the next time I visit them I hope we can meet, Stephanie.

Thanks for giving us your insight and your voice and for being a friend.


Lerend Zonder School said...

You are so kind Steph! Honored to be included in this circle of friends:)

Lena said...

! You can't imagine my face as I was reading this. I was thinking that this is such a great list of blogs for me to check out and there I was! You totally made my day. Thanks a ton. I love to read here. It feels very serene and often makes me stop and think. You are a gem.

Mama Podkayne said...

My dearest husband and I were pondering my inclusion on your wonderful list.....what you value, my local group calls "unbearable". LOL! It causes me much strife sometimes. Suppose it is all perspective, eh?

Thank you again.

Kimba said...

So, I'm playing around with a new widget I found and look what I discovered .... you've recently linked to me.

You are very kind to include me in your list -- come join in the excitement at my planet anytime. I know I enjoying visiting your blogs!