Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the last battle

Well, since I've gotten two out of the way....
I am now going to work on the last one.
Which would be zipit! when my babes are ...er... communicating in a way that is different than what I would choose.
I'm thinking observe.

What I know for sure:
They adore each other.
They like each other's company.
They like to help each other.
They are willing to help each other.
They both have an inclination for sweetness.

So - why do I have in my head that these two are behaving badly?

Just because it sounds bad to me (often in the next room) doesn't mean that it is bad.
Two year olds shout.
Two year olds get frustrated, and shouting is quicker than saying "Um, excuse me, Trev, but I wasn't done with that, and I was having lots of fun playing with it."
"Go away!!" is a lot faster than saying "Um, Madd, I really just need some quiet time alone right now, please."

There has been upheaval and some crazy mojo comin' from Mama this week and better, and a little staying-out-of-it and loads of gentleness when I'm in it might be just the ticket. ([rolls eyes] "Geez, do ya think?")

They love eachother and are kind (mostly) to eachother, and I think that needs to be my focus instead of "no more violence in this home" (even of the shouting sort - because sometimes that feels like violence to me).
If you see what I mean.

Good things.
I'm focusing on good things.

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