Saturday, February 09, 2008

give peace a chance

I wrote a (short) post earlier that questioned the wisdom of fighting terror with the terror of war. It seems crazy to me that we would terrorize hundreds of thousands of people in hopes of putting a stop to someone that we see as a terrorizing dictator. It seems to me that peace is the only solution to this hatred and related violence.

I changed my mind about sending it.
I don't want to write anti-war posts. I want to write for peace.
I don't want to fight terrorism (even the terrorism inflicted by my own government). I want to embrace (if only in my mind) the souls that are lost in that destruction and chaos.
It is not my wish to fight anything - even darkness.

Have you ever considered that bringing something of higher energy to something vibrating at a low level frequency not only nullifies low energy, but also converts it to higher energy? An interesting thought. Just as bringing light into darkness banishes the darkness.

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a day or so.
Since then I have read a similar post by my friend Sheri.
And now, today, I have stumbled (how very lovely and synchronistic) upon two cool movements that I had no idea existed - one is the United States Peace Government, and the other is Shift In Action - which is all about quantum physics, meditation, world peace, and consciousness.
Imagine that.

Things are looking up.


Aubrey said...


we can't bring peace with struggle, anger, and negativity.

we bring peace by being peace.

i am not anti-war, i am pro-love.

Sheri said...

Very well said Steph. My hope and prayer is that people will step forward from the shadows and unite with the intention of bringing peace and love. Your words as always are thought provoking and profound.

Stephanie S. said...

pbpbbbpb. I just spit everywhere.
I'd hardly say that!
But I thank you friend, just the same.
Now get me a rag, would you?

Lerend Zonder School said...

This has also been on my mind recently. Not only with this war, but in my day to day dealings with other people. Like Aubrey said, "you have to be peace", you can't demand peace by being violent, either with words or actions. Violence begets violence.

I always remember a PETA protest Lee and I attended once where people were shouting at those wearing fur, it made me very uncomfortable and I thought "this is just making them defensive, their not going to listen to what your shouting at them when you are attacking their character, it's only going to make them want to attack back". Even though I feel strongly about animal torture, that just wasn't the way I wanted to help "inform" people, and it actually made me more skeptical of the whole organization even though I seemed to be on board with what their beliefs/goals were.

It's a personal thing for me and one that I'm working on as we speak, to "be peace", because that is what I want for my family, my community and my world.