Sunday, February 10, 2008

a moment in the sun

My world has looked like this for a couple of months now.

I've enjoyed the respite from outdoor chores, and remain hopeful that I'll still have the time and motivation to get winter chores done - things that no one wants to do in the spring, when the sun shines bright and the birds are beguiling us to join the play.

It's been days and days since I've taken a picture.
Today, knowing that we were going to be exploring in the sunshine (it has kindly shown itself to us today) I headed out the front door with my trusted little friend.

I just knew, once I saw the promise of this, emerging determinedly out of the still-frozen ground

that if I looked, I would be able find much, much more.
After all, it only takes a little looking to find the beauty.
And the promise of awakening.

On the frozen ground I walked oh-so-slowly, urged on by my flitting and chirping friends calling "Hooray, Hooray! Over here! Over here!"

After a moment I urged them to be very quiet and still,
for I wanted to listen very carefully
for the violets that I know are lying here
under this frozen blanket
so, so softly
"we're coming, we're coming."

No matter the other -
I'll be ready.
I, too, am ready to live fully awake.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Ahhhh! New life of spring!! It's a miracle...again.
This kind of beauty is still atleast two months away for us, so I'll just enjoy your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Love you,