Sunday, February 10, 2008

sacred life sunday: exhale

deep breath.
today has been hurried or harried almost from the time i awoke this morning.
it wasn't an unpleasant day, exactly, it just lacked ease and a restful mind.
i did get outside for a few minutes by myself this morning - which was lovely, but had i known that it would mean forgoing a quiet half hour downstairs meditating and preparing for the day, i'm not certain that i'd have made that same choice.

but now - now i am here, one lone soul lying on this huge bed that usually holds three or four, and i have a moment to breathe - slow and deep, calming and fulfilling.
now comes the reconnection.
now i shall begin again a book that has so many times spoken to my heart, and i shall reconnect with my truest self and my intentions.


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