Tuesday, November 11, 2008

15 Days: Resources

I was so busy, that I forgot to post!
But since it's technically four something -which to some can seem the-middle-of-the-night, I'm sneaking it in on the side.

Resources! I am so happy with resources.
Do you suppose that people are more creative today than at any other time?
On the one hand, we have television, and computer games, and stuff that can bzzzz us when we want to zone out, but on the other hand, we're exposed to So Much, and that so much can lead us to some really wondrous places.
Creativity doesn't come from nowhere. Nothing comes from no where.
Creativity comes from a spark. You read about something, or see something someone makes (online, often) and you get an idea to expand on it, or it reminds you of something you've been wanting to do.

While, as you know, we don't do "lessons and things" around here, yesterday we found joy in checking out the Earth Kids page for Thanksgiving.
Initially I told the children that when they were finished with what they were doing, I wanted to show them something.
After I gave them a rundown of what I could offer - interesting facts about turkeys, jokes, a Native American legend (which Trev loved), and crafts, etc - they started shouting what they wanted to see first.
There was a lot of joy to be had - not only in the name of the various websites, but in the way the day followed thereafter.
Weaving in and out of things, being stimulated and nurtured by things we've never done or seen before.
There were no expectations, nor a sense of obligation. Just "Here it is, let's have a look."

As I've said a million times, I'm so thankful to be living this life -- this wild unschooling life, with these wild unschooled children.
The resources we have at our fingertips are astounding, and seeing the magic happen day-in and day-out is a blessing indeed.

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