Thursday, November 06, 2008

Imagine That

Life being what it is, when I went downstairs to mix up a little "Clarity" potion, I picked up The Gift, and opened it up.

This is what I found (a random page, as always):

If The Falling Of A Hoof

If the falling of a hoof
Ever rings the temple bells,

If a lonely man's final scream
Before he hangs himself

And the nightingale's perfect lyric
Of happiness
All become an equal call to dance,

Then the Sun has at last parted
Its curtain before you--

God has stopped playing child's games
With your mind
And dragged you backstage by
The hair,

Shown to you the only possible

For this bizarre and spectacular

Go running through the streets
Creating divine chaos,

Make everyone and yourself ecstatically mad
For the Friend's beautiful open arms.

Go running through this world
Giving love, giving love,

If the falling of a hoof upon this earth
Ever rings the

Hafiz, The Gift

More later.

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